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Scalene Livprotec: Sustainable Technology Solutions for a Better World

Scalene Livprotec is an organization dedicated to creating a sustainable world that cares, through innovative and safe technology solutions. We focus on air, water, life, and energy, aiming to solve major environmental challenges. We believe in unlearning and learning fast, thinking out of the box, and taking risks to disrupt the status quo. We are driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and life on this planet. Our leadership team comprises experienced professionals who value learning, teamwork, and disruption.

Our innovative and sustainable technology solutions are designed using new scientific principles, inspired by nature and backed by three decades of research and development by our inventor extraordinaire, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar....

Our technologies are not only effective, but also inherently safe. We use biomimicry to create systems that are inspired by nature, which means they are safe for both the environment and humans. Our technologies have been installed by prestigious clients over 15 countries.

Scalene Livprotec's values center around being human-centric pioneers, prioritizing empathy, care, and delivering excellent experiences. We also aim to assist customers in achieving their environmental sustainability goals, such as becoming net water positive, reducing emissions, earning carbon credits, and complying with ESG standards.